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Quick and healthy snack for children: Chocolate and prune roll

chocolate and prunes roll - healthy snack Healthy sweets and cakes for kids is always a bit difficult, as they know immediately that they are tricked. Well, it is not impossible to hide vegetables (like beetroot, carrot) in a cake, but when they recognise it probably they feel cheated. My trick is letting them making the dessert themselves - and this chocolate and prune discs recipe is perfect for this. Read More

How to master meal planning?

Family meal planning Okay, the real question is: Why would you spend your precious time with meal planning? Let's face it: meal planning is a weekly struggle in most mum's life. What to cook? When? What ingredients do I need? When to buy them? Still: I have lots of reasons in support of meal planning, let me show you what you can gain planning family meals ahead.   Read More

The biggest healthy food secret

Healthy food Do you know the feeling of enthusiasm when you decide, yes I am going to eat only healthy food in the rest of my life... and is familiar the recognition that you are following the old bad eating habits again just two weeks after your vow? Why some people can eat healthily and why others fail? What is the secret of sustaining a healthy diet?   Read More