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77 Healthy Snacks What You Can Buy in Every Supermarket

When we feel hungry, it is hard to think about healthy options.

So I have collected 77 healthy snacks on a list what you can print and use anytime.

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I already wrote about the importance of snacking in an earlier post and I shared a few no-carb snack ideas for busy mums. Here is a new and longer list of healthy snacks to make your life easier.

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The ingredients can be found on any supermarket’s shelves and they are not expensive. With minimal preparation (like washing or slicing) or no preparation at all, they are ready to eat. The best thing, that you can share them with your children too. Just do not let them eat your share too – as it often happens to me…

I know that days do not always go as we planned them, and often find ourselves hungry, tired and already irritated – and we need food immediately. Biscuits look an obvious option in this case, but… It is hard to think about healthy options when our blood sugar level hit the bottom, but if you have a list of healthy snack ideas (and most of the ingredients in your cupboard anyway…) probably easier to choose something more nutritious.

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The Best 7 Nutritional Swaps To Be an Energetic Mum

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Just 2 things what I have to mention here:

#1 Shopping: As I always say, what is in your shopping trolley that will be eaten by you. If you buy healthy ingredients, you will follow a healthy diet. Some of the snack ideas are built on long-shelflife products like tinned fish and crispbread. Others need fresh ingredients like fruits and vegetables. But these are simple everyday shopping items – they just have to be on your shopping list.

#2 Taste: Every snack idea on this list is tasty – simple but tasty. I reckon that there is no need to torture ourselves with food what we do not enjoy. If you do not like celery, do not eat celery. Choose something else, but enjoy it.

So just print this list, stick onto the fridge and you will never run out of healthy snack ideas 🙂


Get the free pdf file of the

77 Healthy Snacks  


1.  1 apple with a matchbox size cheese (like Babybel)

2. 1 medium banana

3. Fresh pineapple pieces

4. 2 kiwis

5. 1 grapefruit

6. A handful of blueberries

7. 1 apple with 1 tbsp (unsweetened, unsalted) peanut butter

8. 1 pear with 2 tbsp blue cheese

9. Melon sticks with parma ham (2 slices)

10. 2-3 slices of melon

11. 2 slices of watermelon

12. 1 orange

13. 2 satsumas

14. A handful of strawberries with 1 tbsp sour creme

15. 2 fresh figs with 4 walnut halves

16. 2 nectarines with 4 almond kernels

17. 1 green apple sliced and sprinkled with cinnamon and raisins

18. A handful of grapes

19. 2 plums quartered and sprinkled with cinnamon

20. 4-5 dried apricots

21. 3-4 prunes

22. 2 dried dates

23. 2 dried figs

24. A small handful of cranberries

25. Raisins with celery sticks

26. 150 ml greek yoghurt with 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

27. 8-10 walnut halves

28. 8-10 cashew nuts

29. 3 Brasil nuts

30. A small handful of trail mix

31. 8 unsalted oven-roasted almond kernel

32. A small handful of seed mix (sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds)

33. Peanuts (unsalted, oven roasted) about 2 tbsp

34. 150 ml natural live yoghurt

35. 1 pot Arla protein yoghurt (200g)

36. 100 ml quark with mango pieces

37. Cream cheese with 4 crackers

38. 2 tbsp cottage cheese with celery sticks

39. A glass of semi-skimmed milk (150 ml)

40. 100 ml natural live yoghurt with 2 handfuls raspberries

41. 150 ml quark with one tsp honey

42. 150 ml quark mixed with 1 chopped apricot (or 2 dried apricots) and 1/2 tbsp almond flakes

43. 2 slices of organic chicken or turkey ham with cucumber sticks

44. Cucumber slices with 3 tbsp hummus

45. Sugar snap peas with 2 tbsp hummus

46. Carrot sticks with 2 tbsp hummus

47. Carrot sticks with match-box sized cheese (like Babybel)

48. 5 cherry tomatoes with 8 tortilla chips (unsalted or lightly salted)

49. 2 medium-sized cooked beetroot diced and scattered with 2 tsp feta cheese and 1/2 tsp thyme

Are you a constantly tired Mum?

Follow this free action plan

to get your energy back!

The Best 7 Nutritional Swaps To Be an Energetic Mum

With a printable reference.​

50. 1/2 wholemeal pitta bread filled with 2 tsp cottage cheese and 1 big tomato

51. 1 slice whole grain bread w. 2 tsp baked beans (reduced salt and sugar)

52. 1/2 wholemeal pitta bread filled with 1 boiled egg

53. 1 slice whole grain toast with 2 tbsp organic chicken pate

54. 1 small wholemeal tortilla wrap filled with 1/2 avocado and fresh coriander leaves

55. 1 rice cake topped with 1 tsp creme goat cheese and pear slices

56. 1 slice whole grain bread spread with 1 tbsp peanut butter and topped with slices of 1/2 banana

57. 2 Ryvita crispbread with 2 small slices of smoked salmon and cucumber slices

58. 1 Ryvita rye crisp bread topped with 1 tbsp goat cheese and spinach leaves

59. 2 Ryvita fruity crispbread with 100ml almond milk

60. 2 sesame breadsticks with 2 tbsp hummus

61. 1/2 wholemeal pita bread filled with 1 piece of mackerel (from tin, drained) and 2 cherry tomatoes

62. 1 Ryvita crispbread with 2 slices of Quorn wafer thin ham and 1 pickled gherkin

63. 2 oatcakes

64. 6 olives (in brine)

65. 2 crackers with 1 tbsp mixed olives and sundried tomatoes

66. 2 squares of dark chocolate

67. 1 glass of Innocent fruit juice

68. 1 big glass vegetable juice like V6 (300ml)

69. 1 big glass natural (no added sugar) tomato juice (300ml)

70. Apple crisp (no added sugar)

71. 2 Cauldron ready-to-eat falafels with 3 cherry tomatoes

72. 2 celery sticks with 2 small slices of smoked salmon (or 2 tbsp smoked salmon trimmings)

73. Red and yellow bell pepper slices with 2 tbsp tzatziki

74. 1 little gem lettuce halved and topped with 2 tbsp tzatziki

75. 1 Oatibix with 50 ml semi-skimmed milk or almond milk and 1/2 tbsp raisins

76. A handful of popcorn

77. 1 boiled egg

Are you a constantly tired Mum?

Follow this free action plan

to get your energy back!

The Best 7 Nutritional Swaps To Be an Energetic Mum

With a printable reference.​

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