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15+1 no-carb snack ideas for busy mums


Do you know the feeling when you cannot focus, you lose control and the only thing what you can think of is eating something high calorie and filling?

If you think that a biscuit or a small piece of chocolate is the only way to keep up your sugar level on your busy day, read this list.

I have collected these snack ideas for myself because in a rush I just do not have time to think about healthy options – and I am prone to reach for a piece of … well, anything could do what is sugary or high-carb.

Okay, – you may say, – but when I have the time for snacking? And why would I eat more times when I want to less?

Why are snacks so important?

Snack are really important – not just for children but for their parents too. We, adults, are prone to eat more calories but fewer times. Our excuse is the lack of time, but really, having a snack can takes so long? If you are not prepared, probably yes. To get up from your desk in the office to buy something takes time. If you are in the park with the kids, you do not rush home just to eat something. So it is really important to plan your meals ahead and take some snack with you. Keep them in your bag: choose light, healthy snacks which keep well and do need a spoon or bowl to eat them.

The ideal  five-six meals per day do not mean more food/calorie. The secret is that all amount of food for the day is distributed evenly through the day, include light snacks into your daily routine. This way our blood sugar levels do not drop down suddenly and we are able to take control and choose a lighter, healthier option at the main meals – and eat smaller portions. this is a great benefit if you want to lose weight.

Snack is a great tool to balance out your daily diet. When you plan your meals, choose the main meals first: lunch and dinner. Then plan breakfast and snacks. Looking at the main meals, you can see, how much protein, carbohydrate and fat are planned already. You can also see the amount of fruit and vegetables planned and now you can choose an easy snack.

What are the best options as a healthy snack?

The problem in most of the cases is carbohydrate.

We, mums, are prone to eat more carbohydrate than we really need. I suspect 3 main reasons behind this:

1, High carbohydrate snack easily and quickly available and they satisfy us quickly.

2, Children need a bit more carbohydrate than adults and we just keep up with them.

3. High carbohydrate snacks are advertised widely as “healthy” snacks what gives you energy- like granola bars and muesli bars.

As I see we usually eat enough carbohydrate with our main meals. Bread, pasta, grains and potato are usually part of our meals, and they all contribute to our daily carbohydrate intake. For example, if you have porridge for breakfast and pasta for lunch then no need to have more carbohydrate as a snack too (like biscuits, muesli bar, flatbread or crisps). Choose high fibre, fresh fruit in this case.

Do not forget snacks should not fill you up. They just help you to get over the long gap between main meals. So if you are not hungry by lunch/dinner time, that means that you should choose a lighter snack next time.mother

How does this look like in practice?

The perfect snack for a busy mum

There are a couple of requirements towards a perfect snack:

– It should be quick to eat it

– It should not be messy to eat – the best if no plate or cutlery required

– It should satisfy and energise you

– It balances out your daily menu

As we all full of snack ideas with carbohydrate, I list below a couple of no-carb snack ideas.

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No-carb snack ideas for busy mums

#1 Dried fruits

Forget raisins and choose something more exciting, like figs, prunes or apricots. (avoid dried mango and banana chips). Attention: the serving size of dried fruits are no more than 2 tablespoons!

#2 Unsalted nuts

A handful of nuts is a perfect snack: almonds, cashew nuts, brazil nuts, walnut, peanut or the mix of these.

#3 Apple slices with peanut butter

Just core and slice one apple, distribute 2 tablespoon peanut butter on the apple slices and stick them together like little sandwiches.

#4 Drinking yoghurt

I would avoid ready made drinking yoghurt because they usually contain too much sugar. You can make your own easily: put 150ml natural live yoghurt into a shaker or drinking bottle, add 50ml milk and shake it. If you would like to add some flavour you can add 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, pureed fruit or half teaspoon cocoa powder.

#5 Smoothies

It does not matter if you do not have a smoothie maker, use your liquidizer or a hand stick blender. The base should be fresh fruit or vegetables. You can find ideas here: Smoothie recipes. Perfect on the go.

Wake-up smoothie

#6 Pear with cheese

The serving size for cheese is a matchbox size, so individually wrapped cheese bites come handy here.

#7 Carrot sticks with pumpkin seeds

Carrots always should be eaten with some kind of fat, because it contains fat-soluble Vitamin A. Pair carrots with cheese or oily nuts and seeds.

#8 Handful of spicy seed mix

A mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and linseed is a quick omega-3 boost. You can use them as topping on salads and soups too.

#9 Boiled egg with celery sticks

Boiled egg is absolutely satisfying and filling, and it is a winner with the crunchy celery sticks.

#10 Cherry tomatoes with tortilla chips

The serving size for tortilla chips is about 10 chips, choose unsalted or lightly salted.

#11 Pineapple pieces

This needs a bit of preparation, but it’s worth the effort.

#12 One grapefruit

Well, this is bit messy, but you can peel it in advance and take it with you in a food container. It is worth because grapefruit is a fat- burning citrus fruit, and one whole fruit is only 58 calories but fill you up.

Grapefruit - healthy snack

#13 Sausage rolled up in lettuce

I know, we do not fry 1 sausage to make a snack, but if you have leftover sausage, this a good way to use it up.

#14 Melon sticks with parma ham

This tastes heaven, but really it is just so simple – and yummy.

#15 Olives with cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices

Mediterranean inspirational snack, just drop everything into a small snack pot and take it with you.

+1 Three Heavenly chocolate balls

Recipe here

Heavenly chocolate balls

Are you a constantly tired Mum?

Follow this free action plan

to get your energy back!

The Best 7 Nutritional Swaps To Be an Energetic Mum

With a printable reference.​



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