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Avoid These 6 Energy-draining Foods

We all need more energy – constant stress, being overloaded and overwhelmed all the time takes its toll.

Do you know how can your diet help to get your energy back? Do you know what are the energy-draining foods in your diet?


Tiredness and fatigue are a modern-day ailment, we are constantly switched on, there is always something to think about or worry about. As a parent, we face with an endless to-do-list completed with continuous guilt and sleep deprivation every day. It is mentally and physically exhausting – so it is not surprising that we feel tired all the time.

The reasons and circumstances are personal, but the struggle to escape from the tiredness trap – it seems to be something we all have in common.

What can we do?

Your diet is key to boosting energy levels

Food = energy?

It’s a common mistake that food is equal energy, but more calorie intake does not result being more energised. Quite contrary, eating too much leads to weight gain and being overweight means your body has to work harder simply to move around. So, eating more does not mean more energy.

We all know the feeling being sleepy after a heavy meal after lunch drowsiness is quite common.   l It goes back not just to the quality of food consumed – but to the basic mistakes in eating habits too: skipped breakfast, going for hours without eating, or eating quick processed food on the run. These all result in bad digestion, swings in blood sugar levels and excessive calorie intake. After starving,  we are prone to eat a big portion of an energy-dense meal like white pasta dishes, bread, fried foods, red meat or high sugary food. These raise the blood sugar level quickly, then cause a drop-off in energy and alertness.

It is important to eat regular healthy meals and snacks: slow energy release food with fibre and vitamins and minerals complemented with healthy protein and fats can give you energy without experimenting the after-meal drowsiness.

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Snacks are important too to keep blood sugar level even. I am not talking about comfort snacking here. Avoid empty calories like fizzy drinks, sweets, potato crisps and muffins. They do not bring any nutritional value into your diet, but they contribute to energy swings. Healthy snacks, other hands, help you to raise your energy levels. Plan 2-3, healthy snacks between the main meals like fruit, a pot of natural live yoghurt (without added sugar) or a handful of nuts.

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You can find 6 easy diet swaps to boost your energy level here:

Are you a constantly tired Mum?

Follow this free action plan

to get your energy back!

The Best 7 Nutritional Swaps To Be an Energetic Mum

With a printable reference.​

6 Foods That Take Away Your Energy

#1 Sugar and sugary foods

Sugar causes a sudden jump in blood sugar, but it drops quickly leaving you sleepy and sluggish. The taste of sugar makes us want even more of it, so it is a trap, better to avoid sweets, sugary breakfast cereals, cakes and sugary drinks.

#2 Fried Foods

Fried foods and high-fat foods cause fatigue – as they need more energy to break them down during digestion, so while our bodies focus on digestion our cognitive performance decreases. Avoid chips and breaded deep fried foods.

#3 Red meat

Red meat is difficult to digest. While our body increases blood flow to our stomach to digest red meat we simply do not have the energy to do anything else. It is better to skip burgers and steak for lunch and look for lighter alternatives.

#4 White bakery products

Like white bread, bagel, donuts, sweet rolls – these are a combination of sugar and refined carbohydrates, the perfect recipe for blood sugar spikes following a drop.

#5 Energy drinks and caffeine

Coffee, tea and energy drinks seem to be an obvious and quick fix for the problem – and although they have their place, it is a problem when we rely on them to get us through the day. They provide a temporary energy burst but do not give a long term solution. Going to bed with caffeine circulating in your system affects the quality of sleep and just makes things even worse.

Coffee, tea – just like alcohol are diuretics, and so they can cause dehydration. It is good to know that these drinks do not count toward your daily fluid intake – indeed you need to drink more water to compensate their diuretic effect and keep hydrated. Dehydration also can cause fatigue, so it is important to drink enough fluid. Avoid fizzy drinks and sugary drinks. Tap or bottled water, herbal tea or diluted fruit juice are the best options.

#6 Alcohol

Alcohol can be tempting to wind down in the evenings, but it will affect the quality of your sleep, can also lead to insomnia.


If you need more practical advice on how to raise your energy level, download this short action plan and start implementing today:

Are you a constantly tired Mum?

Follow this free action plan

to get your energy back!

The Best 7 Nutritional Swaps To Be an Energetic Mum

With a printable reference.​


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