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Why would you bother with healthy eating?  

The top 10 reasons for a healthy dietHealthy eating habits


We usually think of healthy eating as a beauty tip. But the reality is a bit harsher than this.

Healthy eating does not equal with continuous weight loss diet. Not even always weight loss.
Healthy eating means that we eat the right kind and right amount of food what our body needs.  The right food is what helps us to maintain a healthy weight, protects us against illnesses, gives energy and support our mental health.


Here is the list of the top 10 most important reasons to eat healthy food


#1 Cancer

Maintaining a healthy weight itself helps us to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. Not to mention that certain foods provide protection against developing cancer.  Obesity raises the risk of cancer like breast cancer, bowel cancer, gall and pancreas cancer.


#2 Skin illnesses

First and foremost we need to mention the importance of fluid intake – what mainly should be plain water. Skin  shows the person state of health and mind.  But food has an immediate effect on the skin. Skin problems like acne,  eczema can be alleviated by a healthy diet.


#3 Heart disease

The biggest problem with heart disease that there is no obvious symptom what would precede the damage to the arteries, – if the blockage in the arteries completes it can be fatal. But all these can be avoided by having a low-fat diet, losing excess weight and giving up smoking.


#4 High blood pressure

High blood pressure is the major factor in the risk of developing heart disease. Caused by high sodium intake so a decrease of salt in foods (table salt, salty snacks, ready-made food) helps reduce high blood pressure. Losing weight also helps to normalise blood pressure.

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#5 Diabetes

Type II diabetes develops slowly  during years and often triggered by obesity. If it is diagnosed in time, a complete  lifestyle change can  turn the process back. But it is best to prevent diabetes by avoiding sweets, sugar-rich foods, processed foods and foods high in saturated and trans-fats.


#6 Fertility

Obesity – just like extremely low body weight (15% or more under the ideal body weight) – has an effect on the hormonal balance of the body. This – besides other problems -can make difficult or even impossible to get pregnant. It is important to reach and maintain a healthy weight before conception and keep a healthy, balanced diet during pregnancy.


#7 Breathing problems

Overweight people experience breathing problems like shortness of breath when moving around. Specially sudden burst of physical activity – like running up stairs, or catching a bus – causes breathing difficulties. The problem deepens as physical activity causes discomfort, people try to avoid situations where they have to do some physical effort and face shortness of breath – and reducing physical activity, lead even more overweight – consequently physical discomfort and health problems.


#8 Allergy

Allergy may worsen or be caused by food. Common food allergens are cow’s milk, nuts and seeds, eggs, fish, food additives, grains and citrus fruits. A test can identify the specific allergen and it needs to be avoided.


#9 Better sleep

Our diet can affect the quality of sleeping too. It is a matter when we have dinner and what we eat at the last meal of the day. Certain foods that we consume can interfere with sleep: it is obvious that foods/drinks containing caffeine and nicotine are stimulating. But heavy, acidic and spicy food – that cause heartburn – also are enemies of a good night sleep. Also, obesity can cause sleeping difficulties. The reason usually complex: the combination of physical discomfort and psychological problems are in the background.


#10 Psychological effects

May overweight or obese people develop psychological problems as they feel ashamed on their appearance.  They develop low self-esteem, low confidence, poor or distorted body image which may affect their relationships with friends and family members and can lead to isolation and depression.

Having only one of these problems listed above provide enough reason to review our eating habits and lifestyle. I reckon it is worth to take an effort to make little changes if the price is a better quality life.

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