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Healthy slow cooker recipes for busy families

healthy slow cooker recipes

I resisted a slow cooker for a long time: I just did not want another big appliance sitting unused on my kitchen worktop. Finally, I gave a chance to it and my slow cooker has proved that I was wrong. To be honest, I just fell in love with it. A good slow cooker helps you to provide healthy and delicious meals to your family with a minimum effort. Basically, it gives you free time, lots of free time,- and no guilty conscious: home-made family meals are sorted.


Healthy breakfast: quick sugar-free oat buns

morning oat buns

If you would like to eat a bit more protein, or have a gluten-free breakfast – or you just run out of bread… these little oat buns are here to help you.

I don’t let you down: a really quick recipe again, 5 minutes mixing and 12 minutes baking and the smell of these delicious fresh buns attract the whole family to the morning table. 🙂

I guarantee you will save these recipes into the family cookbook 🙂


How to Make a Braided Easter Bread in 5 Steps


After my detox week, when I eat mainly yoghurt, raw vegetables and fruit, I cannot wait to make something yummy. I share you the recipe for my Easter braided bread with poppy seeds and damson jam. This decorative sweet bread can be the main attraction on your Easter breakfast table or it is brilliant as a snack with a cup of tea/milk. It keeps for 2-3 days in an airtight container but is best eaten fresh.