I believe that the most challenging time in the life of a woman is having small children.

Because this is the time when

– You are fighting for your femininity and for carving out a little me-time for yourself

– Probably you are in a challenging period in career building as well

– Your children need more attention and physical care while they are still under school age

– Your life is changing from day to day and you need to cope all these changes

– You are constantly struggling with lack of time

– You find yourself very tired and unenergetic

–Your needs are always the last on the list

Deep inside you feel this could be the right time to make steps toward a healthy, balanced diet what gives you and your family

  • more free time,
  • better body,
  • more energy
  • improved health and
  • happiness

You just do not know how to start?

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Is your family's diet as healthy as you think?

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25-point Family Nutrition Analysis​

Hi there,

My name is Zita Krista, I am the founder of Go Mummy Healthy and a 40 years old proud mum of an energetic 4 and an even-more-energetic 2 years old girl.

I am the women who - you would say - “inherited bad genes”. Seriously every bite of bread instantly results into a bulging abdominal.

Therefore, since I can remember I have been looking for a sustainable diet and healthy options in order to maintain a healthy weight, to get fitter and healthier. This made me starting my nutritionist studies too. I have to confess that I had tried many weight loss diets but the incredible transformation happened thanks to a radical lifestyle change and a completely new mindset.

My standards are high:

  • I want real, home-made food
  • I want tasty, enjoyable and healthy food
  • I want all these in the shortest time as possible

Is it too much?

It always has been hard, but it has become really challenging since I have a family. And my wish list has completed with one more expectation:

  • Our diet has to be accepted and enjoyed by the whole family and beneficial for every family member

Zita Krista

Nutritional Therapist​

Founder of

Go Mummy Healthy

How can you deliver healthy family meals every day without being a prisoner of your own kitchen?

I am passionate about food, but this does not mean that I would like to spend much time in the kitchen. So I have been busy to look up recipes, ideas, shortcuts and systems which can help me to save time in the kitchen and the same time to deliver fresh, delicious and healthy meals to the family table.

If you want to switch to a healthy lifestyle, of course, you can find help easily. There are so many services specialised in healthy lifestyle or weight loss management.

The only problem that most of these weight loss programs are worked out for a single individual. They offer advice what to eat, what to change, what to do as an exercise. But most of the healthy eating habits, active exercise plans fail on the fact that you have a family.

They completely ignore the fact that you have a baby and/or small children and your flexibility and time is limited. Your priority is not only your health and beauty but the whole family’s wellbeing rest on your shoulder – besides this, you probably must perform in your workplace, – not to mention the other duties of a busy mum.

If you...

• Do not want to cook 2-3 different meals for your family

• Cannot be flexible with your time

• Have only limited time for cooking, exercising

• Know that your priority is the whole family now

• Have to face the fact that your daily routine is continuously changing as your children getting older

Healthy lifestyle

I have good news for you.

I can help you to find the right balance and you will

  • Be more energetic
  • Be able to provide balanced, healthy diet for your whole family
  • Be able to spend more quality time with your kids instead of cooking in your kitchen
  • Put healthy delicious and nutritious food onto the table every night

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Being a mum is the most amazing experience in my life – and I think in every woman’s life. But I know it is very often challenging and stressful. If you feel the same, join me and I share all the recipes, system and tricks with you what makes your life much easier and happier.

Why do not you start and find out first how healthy is your family’s diet?

It takes just a few minutes using the 25-point Family Nutritional Analysis.

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