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Family dinner sorted: Mackerel pasta with veg

Just imagine that you arrive home after a busy day and you are tempted to push some ready meal into the oven...

But then you remember this easy and healthy family dinner recipe - and it takes even less time than the processed food.

It's light, filling and packed with good nutrients and it's done within 15 minutes. And, as always, it is a perfect family dish.

So, family dinner sorted πŸ™‚

mackerel pasta - Family dinner



Easy home-made bread recipe – no kneading

A crunchy, freshly baked bread is a dream. But who has time to bake a bread at home nowadays?

This no-knead bread recipe is perfect for busy families. It takes only minutes to mix the ingredients in the morning – you need only a bowl and a wooden spoon, – and it’s ready to bake in the evening. And the result?

And the result? A crunchy, tasty and soft bread what is healthy too.

Easy no kneading home-made bread