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Quick and healthy snack for children: Chocolate and prune roll

chocolate and prunes roll - healthy snack

Healthy sweets and cakes for kids is always a bit difficult, as they know immediately that they are tricked. Well, it is not impossible to hide vegetables (like beetroot, carrot) in a cake, but when they recognise it probably they feel cheated. My trick is letting them making the dessert themselves – and this chocolate and prune discs recipe is perfect for this. (more…)

15+1 no-carb snack ideas for busy mums


Do you know the feeling when you cannot focus, you lose control and the only thing what you can think of is eating something high calorie and filling?

If you think that a biscuit or a small piece of chocolate is the only way to keep up your sugar level on your busy day, read this list.

I have collected these snack ideas for myself because in a rush I just do not have time to think about healthy options – and I am prone to reach for a piece of … well, anything could do what is sugary or high-carb.

Okay, – you may say, – but when I have the time for snacking? And why would I eat more times when I want to less?


How to Make a Braided Easter Bread in 5 Steps


After my detox week, when I eat mainly yoghurt, raw vegetables and fruit, I cannot wait to make something yummy. I share you the recipe for my Easter braided bread with poppy seeds and damson jam. This decorative sweet bread can be the main attraction on your Easter breakfast table or it is brilliant as a snack with a cup of tea/milk. It keeps for 2-3 days in an airtight container but is best eaten fresh.