Do you want a healthy family diet with ease?

Good, it's great that you have found me. 

Welcome to Go Mummy Healthy, I am Zita Krista and I am going to be your guide on the journey to be a health-conscious mum without spending too much time in the kitchen.

We all want the best for our family and for ourselves, but it's very often not easy. In our busy life - show me a mum who is not busy? - usually, the lack of time is the biggest obstacle between us and a healthy lifestyle.

What does Go Mummy Healthy offer to you?

Time-saver, healthy and family-friendly nutritional help for busy Mums.

What we, Mums usually do? 

We are struggling to find the time to prepare healthy meals for our family. We just simply do not have the time. We are running against the clock and after our boistrous children wondering how others can deal with this...

We are struggling to lose weight. We have already tried all the fancy diet plans, but we just cannot keep it up because we feel it just does not fit into our family life.

We think having small children makes healthy lifestyle impossible. They are the priority and we have no more energy/time for ourselves.

Sometimes (or always?) we cook 2 or more different meals for your family: one for your children, one for yourself and one for your partner.

We are told that we should educate ourselves and we should follow disciplines, but... Our time is limited to look up recipes, to make up plans and to read healthy eating reports.

Or we know what would be the healthy and recommended diet, we just cannot turn it into practice. And helplessly watch what happens to our body, to our relationships and to our life.

Zita Krista


My journey in nutrition has started in 2005 with a simple desire to lose weight. 

Since then I am over a few diets, two pregnancies (I am a happy mum of two beautiful girls); a couple of house moving (once from one country to another) and a complete carrier change. I have been always working as a consultant (in the B2B sector) and finally I have found that nutrition is for me, so I have started my studies in nutritional therapy.

In the middle of my attention is now family nutrition and I am aiming to help busy mums by providing time-saver, healthy and "kitchen-ready" solutions, so they can concentrate on other important parts of their lives like family life and career.

I know that being mum is a special but very demanding role and one of the biggest challenge of this role:

How to save time and deliver healthy and balanced meals to your family?

What would be the real solution?

Instead of following diet plans tailored for single people, handle your family as a unit - with you in the centre.

You must come first. 

As a mum you are a role model. Your child(ren) are watching you - how you eat, how you approach to food how relaxed and confident you are.

So, make time for yourself: a relaxed, happy mum can give the most to their family.  Do not feel guilty just to spend the minimum time in the kitchen. You deserved the time to rest - or to do whatever you want.

But at the same time build up an encouraging and inspirational environment for healthy eating -  including a healthy kitchen, knowing and using healthy ingredients, following a truly family-tailored diet with real food and establishing time-saver routines in healthy eating.

You can build up a healthy family diet - giving the best start and real transformation for your family. So dare to be selfish! 

A good family diet gives you time, delicious, family-friendly, real and healthy meals.

How does it look like?

Ready in less than 30 minutes

As a busy mum, your time is very limited. No surprise that the food industry offers so many "instant" solution to save time for mums. But are these really what our bodies need? Recent year's obesity epidemic proves that quick satisfying ready-meals and takeaway meals - make us ill, overweight and exhausted.

Can we make our diet healthier without compromising on time? Yes. Let me prove this by giving you 6 recipes as a good example: simply click here to download them.


Delicious & family friendly

As a mum, it is a primary consideration that your entire family accept and enjoy the food. Nobody wants to cook meals what are refused by the kids. and nobody wants to eat tasteless, bland food. But we do not need to compromise on taste: healthy food can be mouthwatering too. 

Healthy & balanced meals

This is usually the last point on a busy mum's expectations list. But - as you are here, reading this - I suppose you already realized that this is the most important element.

Now we just have to look at the field where these three important expectations overlap each other. 

Where to start?​

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Let's start with a really important question:

Do you really need help at family nutrition?

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